Saturday, 13 July 2013

Darren Partridge Insurance Scheme Consultant

Darren Partridge head consultant of Insurance Scheme and affinity partnerships at Opus 360 has had a glittering career working and developing insurance based product ranges for some of the best known brands in the UK such as Yamaha, Honda, Chamber of Commerce, Chas as well as major plc’s and blue chip companies. The client list ranges from all sectors such as Trade associations, charities, member organisations, Web based business’s and service or product providers.

Darren and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the full cycle of developing, delivering and servicing an insurance based scheme for an organisation. Darren goes on to say:

Our definition of an Affinity Group Insurance Scheme is a Portfolio of Business for an identified and closely-connected Group of individuals, Companies, or Organisations who have common interest through their collective Membership of the Affinity Group to which they belong.

Many trade associations, member organisations and even large businesses are beginning to comprehend the advantages of forming an insurance affinity scheme for their customers/members.
The objective of any affinity scheme is to offer 'added value' through differentiation by designing a product, or range of offerings that are of interest and benefit to members, customers or employees. This can create revenue streams for associations, whilst at the same time improving member loyalty and helping to generate new members. For employers these schemes can support retention and reward strategies.

As a result of the above it is possible either to produce through our providers a bespoke Insurance Policy or offering for the Group which is innovative and attractive and where a Rating Matrix has been set which determines the premium levels payable for each Member of the Group.
Alternatively, for those Groups where there is diversity and complexity of activity amongst the Membership or customer base, particularly Commercial client Affinity Groups, the underwriting facilities may be designed to allow the individual underwriting of the Insurance Product for the Members of the Group either on a 'Prior Submit' basis, or on an electronic E-Commerce basis.

Darren Partridge, Insurance specialist in the provision of branded Insurance products and services to companies and organisations contact him at Opus 360